Metal ruler, abstract idea representing good quality and design.

Collusion has been
designed to work on all
smart devices.

Various devices with different abilities
But not all devices are built equal. Some have
better design and portability; others have better
displays while some have incredible amounts of
computing power.
Effortless cross device collaboration
Collusion works seamlessly across all smart
devices taking advantage of their design
strengths to provide an unparalleled
collaboration experience.

There are, however, some devices that deserve a special mention because of their versatility of design and how well they fit into the Collusion ecosystem.

Surface book and surface pen being used to do some design work
Apple iPad pro and Apple Pencil in action
The signature Samsung S Pen being inserted into its holder

Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab Pro

Exploring content on a Collusion canvas running on an interactive whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Collusion is a visual communication platform designed for team collaboration. Check out our Home Page to learn more.