Sydney / 2011
Our journey began five years ago
on a couch in Sydney.
We were obsessed with science and technology
and marvelled, thinking of what awaited us in the
We’d often discuss ideas and brainstorm
innovative solutions to real everyday problems.
Navdeep Saini
Navdeep Saini
Navdeep is an electrical and computer engineer, he has launched over 300 popular consumer electronic products in the Australian and New Zealand markets. He is well known by many across the globe for being the go-to-guy for startup advice and networking.

You'll find him running several excellent entrepreneur and startup events across the globe, helping the underdogs change the world.
Sumeet Patel
Sumeet Patel
Sumeet is a software engineer, but also a remarkable business strategist at heart. He's all about big changes with real innovation. Known well as having the magic touch with technology he is a true engineering and innovation powerhouse.

If you're lucky; you'll find him working on super-secret game-changing projects designed to revolutionize our lives.

One evening, while playing with an iPad and a stylus we asked ourselves - what if we could hand draw on this tablet and it could appear on another person’s tablet in real-time? On the other side of the world? What if they could do the same back?


The idea sounded amazing, and we thought 'the world needs this'. We played out the idea and the possibilities seemed endless. Little did we know this was going to be a big part of our lives in the near future.


Over the following months, we'd be at work, at a networking event, in a meeting or just whiteboarding and would often find ourselves coming back to this one idea. We wished it existed so that we could easily explain stuff, plan things out or just simply work with someone remote.

Collusion started off as a prototype
and went through many iterations
since. Now it is a powerful
communication platform.

/ 2012
We pulled together a small team, developed
prototypes and launched on Kickstarter.

Collusion became the most successful
Kickstarter project to come from Australia
at the time.
Silicon Valley
/ 2013
And then we started a new journey,
moved our entire team to
Silicon Valley to take
Collusion to new heights.
San Francisco
/ 2014
With new understandings came
new beginnings and we
pivoted a few times.

Many joined and left us throughout
this journey.
2015 - Now
Eventually, we became travelling nomads
working from wherever we were at the time,

Currently we are in Dubai and Sydney.

Some of our core beliefs and values:

We are a group of incredibly talented individuals and believe in working together collaboratively at every step, empowering us to do our best work of our lives.
We always involve our customers and love them to bits, we always listen and aim to delight. Like a family, we look out for each other and our customers unconditionally.
We aren't afraid of a challenge, we are willing to break every barrier, to innovate through every first to last step, so we can deliver the incredible.
We believe productivity and work should be fun. We even pride ourselves by not taking things too seriously.
We are more than just a company, we are about truly 'changing the way we work' for the better.

Like what we stand for?
Come work alongside us.

Come hangout with us, if you want
to grab a bite, have a drink,
or just
hear the missing juicy bits from
the story above.