A revolutionary world changing idea affecting the entire working human population.

The notion of a team
being 10 people that sit
in a single room
for the
period of the project
is past.

Traditional work breaking
down or being distributed
over time and space
a very
different set of tools to
make teams be effective.

Collaboration tools
Collusion combines all the necessary tools for
effective teams,
your work and communication
into a single,
seamless visual
experience that
does not perish when you
'hang up'.
Find your way back to work remotely
Your team, work and communication continue
to exist and be
accessible for as long as you
want, from any device you have
at hand
and from wherever you are.
A Nokia smartphone being used for teleconferencing in a casual setting

Teleconference Systems and
Emails ≠ Collaboration

These are just decades old communication
technologies, now with cleaner interfaces.
Phone calls end, emails get lost, real collaboration
is about working together,
exchanging ideas and
building upon them with freedom.

No other collaboration solution gives you these amazing

Virtual Teams

Collaboration + Reach
Create virtual teams of any size
on demand and work with who
you need to.
Collaborative Canvas
Crowdsource creativity and innovation instantly, on-demand.
Real-time Cloud Computing
Work with people in the farthest corners of the planet (and ISS) instantly.


Interactivity + Availability
Freedom, mindset and space to
create and express ideas
in the moment.
True Real-time Collaboration
Touch your ideas and interact with them on computers, tablets, projectors, or any other smart device.
Cloud Computing
Get right back into your work, from the comfort of the device at hand.


Mobility + Efficiency
Digitally point things out in the
context of your work or ideas;
all the tools at your finger
tips to make you feel like you're
there in person.
Web App to suit all devices
Work and interact with your entire team from anywhere, using any device.
Digital Visual Communication
Minimise iterations, consolidate your communication tool set, use less paper.


Accountability + Motivation
The "Swiss Army knife" of all your
communication needs.
Perpetually Evolving work
Look back in time and know who did what and when.
High Performance work culture
Surround yourself with your collaborators to create a high performance work environment, wherever you are.
An Android tablet with a stylus being used to annotate an image

Interactive Whiteboards and
Tablets ≠ Creativity and Interactivity

These are decade old hardware technologies,
now with touchscreens.
Touching a word document or a CAD design doesn't
magically induce creativity.
Mindset and the right tools
are critical to achieving a creative zen in teams.

Inspired by the best in the class.

A room full of gamers playing World of Warcraft
Hands down, the greatest collaborators of all time in a virtual setting have been video gamers. They use computer software to create, coordinate, communicate, make decision and work collaboratively to form effective teams that win computer simulated scenarios. There are over 1.2 billion gamers worldwide with a 20 billion dollar gaming industry enabling these gamers to form effective teams.
Gamers playing popular Blizzard game WoW at a LAN party
What gamers do is not very different to what teams in businesses need to achieve. However, the best of teams are let down by the tools available to them, forcing individual members to adapt and hack around to get work done. This creates an underwhelming work culture resulting in poor job satisfaction in individuals.
A Blizzard LAN party
We are gamers and took inspiration from massively collaborative games like World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Minecraft and especially Real Time Strategy and Sandbox games to create an effective communication platform for business teams. We've brought all the advantages of gaming tools and more into Collusion to help your teams be better collaborators.
Using Facebook as a business tool

Project Management
Software ≠ Innovation

Almost all are inspired by the popular social
networking platform
Facebook and labelled
as a productivity tool.
Typical project management tools are designed to
manage repetitive businesses processes.
creates a system reliance minimising innovation.
An office plant undergoing a transformation of growth

We can help you change and

Change is necessary in organisations that need to prosper in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. Change is a key source of competitive advantage.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive, but the most responsive to change. Today, we stand alone, amidst the giants, questioning the status quo. Challenging, the decades old ways of interacting. Today, we offer businesses the opportunity to change.

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