A better way to develop and communicate ideas Collusion is a drawing and sharing tool, giving your ideas
a social living space on the internet.
It's fast, secure and works on all platforms, browsers and smart devices with zero setup.
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Draw a picture, a complex diagram or drop in a picture and make notes on top. The Collusion project is an open space for you to freely express your ideas and easily share them with friends, colleagues, or the entire world!
Your ideas sit in a secure cloud, custom designed for speedy communication. Draw a line, add a picture or type some text and your collaborators will see it instantly on their screen. Whether you're a room away or continents apart, it'll still work!
Our powerful engine allows you to present your ideas to anyone, on any device, as if you were sitting right next to them. Give them a rich, interactive and engaging experience that they'll remember even after they leave!
Sometimes you just need to talk through and explain your ideas or get rapid feedback. So we've built chat and video conferencing right inside every canvas. Start a conference at the click of a button without worrying about setup or dialing in.

And we are not making all that up, check out some of our own real world examples below:
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