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Collaborate & Communicate, Visually. Collusion is free to use for as long as you want with unlimited collaborators.
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The all new Whiteboard

We believe that effective collaboration requires more than just emails, phone calls or project management software. Creative ideas, plans and solutions require visualization, discussion and inspiration.

Collusion is a collaboration platform that works like a digital whiteboard and provides the ideal environment required for creative outside-the-box thinking and problem solving.

It works on all platforms and devices, can connect with other 'digital whiteboards' from across the room or around the world for real-time writing and drawing. Collusion allows you to connect beyond just emails and phone calls, it allows for visual communication and effective collaboration.

Who uses it
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Communicate how you think, not how your software forces you to think
Collusion offers huge freeform spaces to work, prototype or discuss ideas. You can use text, pictures, drawings, annotations, links, stickies or a combination of these to get your ideas across. There are no limits, guidelines or rules that stifle your creativity and imagination.
Collaboration has never been easier or faster
Whether working in the same building or continents apart, Collusion provides a simple and easy to use visual collaboration platform that allows many to converge in a digital space, making them feel like they are sitting right next to each other.
Discuss feedback and decisions in context of the ideas
Instead of sending pictures of your whiteboard, use links to share them. Then take your discussion to the next level, start Video conferencing or Presentation (canvas-follow) without leaving your work space. Get your point across clearly and quickly, right in context of your work.
100% Focus on engagement and work
Collusion requires no setup at all and works on all modern laptops, desktops, tablets, phones and interactive whiteboards. No time wasted in setting up conference calls, software or hardware, all focus on keeping the ideas/creativity flowing and work moving forward.