Engage and work with remote teams! Collusion helps bring remote team members together, enabling better communication and productive collaboration. It's fast, secure and works on all platforms, browsers and smart devices with zero setup.
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Engaging remote teams has never been easier or faster
Whether working in the same office or from a remote location, Collusion keeps users informed of the updates in real-time, always keeping the teams up to date and the work moving forward through a clear channel of communication.
Communicate how you think, not how your software forces you to think
Collusion offers huge freeform spaces to discuss ideas. These can be in the form of text, pictures, drawings, annotations, links, stickies or a combination of all. There are simply no barriers in communication and discussion of ideas.
Discuss feedback and decisions in the context of the ideas
Video conferencing and Presentation-mode (canvas-follow) help with getting the point across clearly and quickly; right in context of simplest to the most biggest, complex ideas.
100% Focus on team engagement and work, not setups and poor phone connections
Collusion requires no setup at all and works on all modern laptops, desktops, tablets, phones and smart-boards. No time wasted in setting up software or hardware, all focus on keeping the ideas flowing and work moving forward.

And we are not making all that up, check out some of our own real world examples below:
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