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Collusion is FREE to use for
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*This means that anyone with a web link to your project can see it.

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All our plans give your teams
these amazing superpowers:

Virtual Teams

Collaboration + Reach
Create virtual teams of any size
on demand and work with who
you need to.
Collaborative Canvas
Crowdsource creativity and innovation instantly, on-demand.
Real-time Cloud Computing
Work with people in the farthest corners of the planet (and ISS) instantly.


Interactivity + Availability
Freedom, mindset and space to
create and express ideas
in the moment.
True Real-time Collaboration
Touch your ideas and interact with them on computers, tablets, projectors, or any other smart device.
Cloud Computing
Get right back into your work, from the comfort of the device at hand.


Mobility + Efficiency
Digitally point things out in the
context of your work or ideas;
all the tools at your finger
tips to make you feel like you're
there in person.
Web App to suit all devices
Work and interact with your entire team from anywhere, using any device.
Digital Visual Communication
Minimise iterations, consolidate your communication toolset, use less paper.


Accountability + Motivation
The "Swiss Army knife" of all your
communication needs.
Perpetually Evolving work
Look back in time and know who did what and when.
High Performance work culture
Surround yourself with your collaborators to create a high performance work environment, wherever you are.
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We understand the needs of an enterprise are quite different to those of a small business.

And so we’ve developed various technologies designed for easy enterprise deployment.

Some commonly asked questions:

How do I try Collusion?

Simply signup using our fully featured free plan and start using Collusion. Don't forget to invite your team members to your canvas and experience amazing team interactions.

Is my data safe?

We, here at Collusion take your security and privacy very seriously. We use the same industry standard security measures as fortune 500 companies and banks. This includes things like 256bit SSL encryption and individual level user permission controls.

What are Collusion's bandwidth requirements?

Collusion’s collaborative canvas requires very low bandwidth and can even work on slow 2G connections. Video conferencing and screen sharing features require a standard broadband connection.

My team is spread across the world, can Collusion handle lots of team members?

Collusion is designed to scale and handle heavy work loads. The platform will work well, no matter where the team members are located (including the International Space Station) as long as they have access to a reasonable internet connection.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started with Collusion is very easy as it requires no special hardware, software installations or experienced IT teams to get things up and running.

To get started, you will require:

  1. A desktop or laptop computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) AND OR a tablet computer (Windows/Android/iOS)
  2. A Collusion account
  3. An internet connection

A device with touchscreen and pen hardware is not required to use Collusion. It would however, greatly improve the experience.

How is Collusion different from other communication and collaboration tools?

Most collaboration and communication tools focus on messaging, files and formats and then sharing them using a Facebook style interface. This is really just email organised differently.

Alternatively, collaboration software rely on screen-sharing technologies to provide a false sense of collaboration. The collaboration is temporary and ends as soon as the ‘call’ ends and never allows more than one person to contribute.

Collusion is where you and your team discuss their ideas, create a plan and work things out without any restrictions of distance, time, culture, format, technology, team size and organisations.

Collusion offers a collaboration platform that helps teams figure out what they need to do and then stay on top of where they are at.

A teacher working with students

"Collusion’s collaborative nature allows my students to be more creative and innovative."

Susan Thomas - Sceptre Global
It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive, but the most responsive to change.
Today, Collusion offers a new way of working and it's free to try.
Fully featured and NO Credit Card required.
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