An essential companion
for your Microsoft Surface

Collusion converts your Surface Pro, Surface Book or Surface Studio into powerful visual collaboration devices by allowing you to connect with others in ways never before possible.

Collusion running on Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Studio
Transform your surface device.

"Collusion lets you paint,
a picture of an idea in your head,
into another's." - Anonymous

Collusion is an innovative visual collaboration tool that’s incredibly easy to use, yet has all the power when you need it. Collusion provides online collaborative work spaces where you can work with virtual teams, online whiteboard, annotate, video conference, screen share, file share, chat, stickies and more - all integrated and right at your fingertips. And no matter what device you or your team is on, Collusion cloud keeps your collaborative work spaces updated across them all, automatically.

The Microsoft Surface line of devices are very versatile thanks to their design and input capabilities making them the perfect companions for Collusion App.

Using the Surface type Cover Keyboard to write text, create stickies/post it notes and chat with collaborators
Use the Microsoft Surface Type Cover Keyboard to quickly place text on the Collusion canvas, add stickies, write a note or chat with your collaborators. Collusion also supports keyboard shortcuts to control several actions, perfect for power users.
Using the Surface Pen to illustrate ideas and annotate images on the Collusion canvas
The Microsoft Surface Pen is perfect for drawing diagrams, illustrations, annotating, writing or simply just digitally pointing things out to your collaborators using Collusion. The collaborators could be sitting in the same room or on the other side of the planet.
Using the Surface Touch Screen to organise images, web links and other content on the Collusion canvas
The beautiful high resolution Touch Screen on the Microsoft Surface is perfect for navigating and organising your collated ideas and work on the infinitely large Collusion canvas which is much larger than the screen itself.
An Android tablet with a stylus being used to annotate an image

Interactive Whiteboards and
Tablets ≠ Creativity and Interactivity

These are decade old hardware technologies,
now with touchscreens.
Touching a word document or a CAD design doesn't
magically induce creativity.
Mindset and the right tools
are critical to achieving a creative zen in teams.
Surface Book running Collusion web app showing web conferencing, screen sharing, chat, file support and annotations

With Collusion you can use a high accuracy pen, touch input, the keyboard or a combination of these to capture or communicate your work and your ideas. Collusion takes advantage of the Surface design allowing you to seamlessly switch between the Surface pen, the Surface touchscreen and the Surface Type Cover Keyboard.

Additionally, Collusion also makes use of the built in Surface webcam, microphone, speakers and the rear camera to further enhance the work and collaboration experience. All this makes Collusion an essential app for all Surface device owners, especially professionals and students.

Collusion is an essential app for
all Microsoft Surface Owners.

Collusion is a web based app, you don't
need to search or download anything from
the Windows Store to get started. Simply
sign up below and you are ready to go!
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