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Updates: Z-Index, Notifications & Shape detection

More power to you

We've added some powerful new tools at your disposal.

Z-Index (Bring to Front, Send to Back)

You now can control Z-Index of things from the context menu. This is really useful for adding background images to your content or simply controlling what overlaps what.

Image showing the z-index options in the selection context menu
Change object order using the context menu


You now get both sound and system level notifications on joins and parts as well as incoming chat messages. Remember that you wont get sounds/notifications if you join as yourself, so use a incognito tab or another browser if you wanna test it out.

Image showing system level alerts from a another user joining
System level alerts as well as sounds


You can now draw closed/filled shapes when holding control or alt while drawing.
If you want predefined shapes like squares, circles or triangles, you can freehand draw one, select it and then hit "Transform into Shape" from the context menu.

Image showing the shape transform/detection options in the selection context menu
Transform lines into shapes from the context menu