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Updates: Video conferencing, Object info & Bug fixes

More power to you

We were kind of dissapointed losing video conferencing, boo.. So we now we have our own solution! - and a whole bunch of other goodies.

Video Conferencing

Have a meeting or video conference right in your project anytime using Chrome or Opera browsers. Colluders will be able to join, but guests will only be able to eaves drop. Do note that for now we are only supporting Chrome and Opera. We will add support for other browsers as they get better!

Image showing video conferencing options
Have a quick call or meeting with your fellow colluders

Object info & Screenshots

Many people have asked for the ability to know who did what work or when, these are some super powers we have wanted to share with you for a long time but had never really come up with a good way to do it, instead of waiting any longer here are your powers. We've also added a handy screenshot option that includes any objects in your selection for easy access. We'd love to hear how these could be better.

Image showing the rotation options in the selection context menu
Rotating images using the context menu

Bug Fixes

Were always finding many tiny little bugs and fixing them up. More recently we have addressed issues with z-index, notifications, selections, text areas and dashboard items vanishing. If you have any annoying bugs you've found or simply suggestions, let us know!