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Updates: Security, Conferencing, Chat & Ping

Michaeling down our vincents

Lots of good stuff in the new year, we've been busy making under the hood changes to secure your work and empower you further. We've taken a big security stance. Lets get into it:


We've taken the time to seriously harden all of our infrastructure lately. Under the hood we have made significant changes to all aspects of our system to keep your data safe and sound. Changes should mitigate most popular forms of attacks, XSS, CSRF/XSRF, injection, replay attacks type attacks. We've patched and upgraded for recent SSL vulerabilities, limited DDoS potential on our proxies, updated our backup system, upgraded a few libraries, hardened the session schemes & their validation, and last but not least even updated our own policies and procedures just to keep ourselves in check too. Phew!


We've attempted to make our video conferencing solution play a little nicer, its much more robust and 'pops-out' to be less fiddly. We've also enabled audio only calls and introduced voice detection. Apple has recently started working on supporting WebRTC more fully, so this could also be great news for our cross platform support. Lets hope they include iOS this time... There will be more minor video conferencing updates soon to continually address its robustness.

Audio only conference with voice glow
Updated video conference (audio only shown)

Chat upgrade

The chat function has seen some upgrades, now complete with a emoji picker lets you pick from hundreds of different common emoticons, we've increase their size a little as well. You can also now drag the chat side-to-side as you like, so you can get it out of the way if necessary. You can also copy from the chat using ctrl+c or right click copy and you will get a cleaner log of the chat.

New emoji options
Emoji picker


We are trialling a new feature, which allows you to draw attention to a particular place on the project. You can send a ping anytime by double clicking or simply point your cusor and hitting the X key. Other colluders should receive a notification and sound and will be drawn directly to the location. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Ping to get attention
Send a ping to colluders with double click

There of course have been countless other changes. You can keep informed by keeping up with the blog. As always if you have any suggestions or questions please do so on the forum.