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Updates: Locking, Rotation & Templates

More power to you

We noticed you all needed some more tools to help make templates so, here is some features to help you be more productive!.

Object Locking

Object locking can be really useful when setting a background image to a document, or making templates, you can lock your wireframes, backgrounds or whatever it is you want to bolt down and hit that lock button. It'll synchronize across everyone in the project too, so nobody will accidentally change or delete it!

Tip: You can of course unlock your objects the same way, the context menu will indicate the current state of the objects you've selected.

Image showing the locking options in the selection context menu
Change object lock state using the context menu


Images can now be rotated 90 degrees at a time, we will introduce more rotation options down the track.

Image showing the rotation options in the selection context menu
Rotating images using the context menu


We've added a template page to our website where you can find useful templates to help get you started. If you have any suggestions that you'd find useful, let us know!