Collusion Blog

Updates: Explore, Pricing & Help

We've changed!

As some of you may have noticed, public projects are now featured on our website over at the explore page where you can already see some of our own and your projects already on display. If you haven't seen it, then go there right now!


Explore really show cases what we've been wanting to do for a long time, to really open up your projects to the world and have others see it and contribute back. From hereon, projects will be public by default and privacy will primarily be a paid feature. Since the explore page utilizes our new rendering system soon we will be able to offer export, and potentially previews of your projects for sharing and organizing.

Website and new Pricing

We've revamped the entire website, sign-up process, and added all new in-app tour guide and help documentation to make it easier for you and your colleagues/friends to get involved and share! We really encourage you to check that out and also find all the juicy hidden features only in the help documentation!

Video feature

Since we know you all love including videos in your projects, we've added a video feature supporting both: YouTube and Vimeo. Just hit insert and add the URL of the video you want and it'll drop it in and include a thumbnail! Awesome!

As always if you have any comments or suggestions please head over to our user forum or drop us a line.

Stay tuned as we have more updates coming very soon!