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Apple iPad Pro and Pencil Support

With the Apple iPad Pro likely still on track for an early November launch, we thought we'd give an update on whether we will be supporting it and the Apple Pencil.

I wanted to assure you all that we'll be working hard to make sure that Collusion will work on the iPad Pro and Pencil on launch in the browser, Safari and Chrome will be targeted primarily, and we may endeavor to revive the native iOS app - if there is enough community support for it.

As it stands, you can already use Collusion on your iPad, whichever one you might have and will work with any stylus that already works with browsers. We are hoping that the Apple Pencil, is no different. Of course we will work on getting more tight support for the Pencil specifically once we are able to get one in our labs!.

We are keenly interested in what you'll use your iPad Pro for, don't hesitate to let us know on the forum - especially if there's anything we can do to improve your productivity.

Here are some examples of what we might see.

Using Apple Pencil to draw on iPad Pro in Collusion App
Using Apple Pencil and Keyboard for office Layout Planning on iPad Pro in Collusion App
Use the Apple Pencil with iPad Pro to easily create amazing map annotations in Collusion
Whiteboard your iPads and plans in Collusion using the all new Apple Pencil and iPad Pro