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A summary of keyboard shortcuts

Collusion is full of secret features. I am an engineer at heart, so I'd love to liberate them all to you, but for now lets keep it simple and begin with some shortcuts. Here goes:

Just like your favourite games or maps tools, we support the mouse fully, panning, scrolling, selecting, dragging etc.

Full of the usual suspects that you might expect.
  • Panning:
    • Keys: Up, Down, Left and Right or W, A, S and D.
    • Just like your favourite games, arrows will let you pan around the canvas freely.
    • Holding shift will reduce the amount panned to a single unit.
    • Using W, A, S and D instead of arrows will free up your mouse hand to do the clicking.
    • If there is a selection, this will instead move your selection around, hopeful for precise positioning - without your cursor in the way.
  • Fullscreen:
    • Keys: Alt + Enter, F.
    • Just like those old school shooters. Great for getting some screen real-estate, immersing yourself in content, or simply doing a presentation.
  • Switching tools:
    • Keys: 1 through 5, Q and Esc.
    • Toggles through draw - 1, pan - 2, select - 2 and different object add types. Esc will take you back to pan mode.
    • These are useful for switching modes quickly or when your menus aren't visible and you don't want them to be!
    • You can cycle between tools with Q.
  • Toggle the menus:
    • Keys: Tilde / ~.
    • Show and hides the menus, very neat.
  • Switch to default mode:
    • Keys: Esc.
    • Takes you back to pan mode.
  • Select All:
    • Keys: Ctrl / Cmd + A.
    • Selects everything, as you would expect.
  • Cut:
    • Keys: Ctrl / Cmd + X.
    • Cuts the selected objects, removing them but adding it to the clipboard.
    • This works cross project and even between windows and tabs.
  • Copy:
    • Keys: Ctrl / Cmd + C.
    • Copies the selected objects, adding them to the clipboard.
    • This works cross project and even between windows and tabs.
  • Paste:
    • Keys: Ctrl / Cmd + V.
    • Pastes the objects in the clipboard, adding them to the canvas, but keeping them in the clipboard.
    • This works cross project and even between windows and tabs.
  • Undo:
    • Keys: Ctrl / Cmd + Z.
    • Reverses the last action.
  • Redo:
    • Keys: Ctrl / Cmd + Y.
    • Undos the last undo.
  • Delete:
    • Keys: Del and Backspace.
    • Deletes the selected objects.
  • Navigate back to home (the centre of the project):
    • Keys: Home, H and Space.
    • Will reset your pan and zoom to the exact centre of the project.
  • Zoom In:
    • Keys: PageDown and Minus.
    • Zooms in. Check.
  • Zoom Out:
    • Keys: PageUp and Plus / +.
    • Zooms out. Check.