Sharing Projects

  • You can also Share or make you projects Public or Private directly from the dashboard.


  • Private projects are only viewable by people who are given explicit permission to the project.

  • Public project are viewable by anyone with the link. These projects may also be indexed by Internet Search Engines.

  • Select Make Private to change project permissions and make the project PRIVATE.

Note: People added to a project will still be able to access the canvas after its been made private. You will have to manually remove access of these collaborators.

  • Once your project is made Public, a short URL to your project is automatically generated. You can use this link to share your project with anyone, anywhere, anytime.


  • Selecting Email from the Share screen will launch your default email client on your device and attempt to compose a new message with a link to the current Collusion project already added to the email body.

  • You can also Embed Collusion projects on webpages just like Google Maps or YouTube videos. Select Embed to get the HTML web embed code.