A quick hello and a few comments

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A quick hello and a few comments

Postby Michael Maners (#1380) » Fri Aug 29, 2014 8:21 pm

Hi Guys, Great product. I was introduced to Collusion by Megan at the ProtoHack last weekend in S.F. , and meet both Bob and Megan at the last 106 meetup Wednesday evening in SOMA. I plan to use Collusion for my next presentation.

A couple of comments.
1) Collusion would be a great tool for people to play board games together either remotely or in the same room... a whole list of games come to mind. I may even take a hack at designing a Collusion specific game if I can find the time. (Collusion would be a great for dungeons and dragons...)

2) can you have people add private notes that only the presenter can see? ( I guess you could allow it to anyone Colluding to share private notes/comments.)

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Michael Maners (#1380)
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Re: A quick hello and a few comments

Postby Bob Stark (#1168) » Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:38 am

Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback! Good talking with you at 106 miles recently, too.

Agreed on the D&D idea, though a bit out of our business focus :)

Thanks also for thoughts on the ephemeral viewer feedback bit, which we are very interested in supporting but aren't (yet) sure how. It's especially difficult because 'presentation mode' (or 'follow me') is intended to be itself ephemeral and go back-and-forth among meeting attendees. Either way, worry not--we're working on it!

Please keep the thoughts coming,

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Bob Stark (#1168)
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